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Welcome faithful Readers
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Hello patient bloggers. I’m finally posting my first entry - yippee! It’s been a flurry of activity since the last posting from that lovely Genius Girl Monday and David has been extremely busy with various projects. He’s finishing up an amazing necklace that will go to the Mobilia Gallery to be part of SOFA New York, opening May 30th. Today he brought us a wonderful lunch from Red Mill (the best hamburgers you’ll have in your whole life, not to mention the chocolate milkshakes), and we were joined by Genius Girl Monday and Maureen who has just started working as Ron’s assistant. Maybe we should refer to Maureen as the Dame of Numbers since she’ll be in charge of them. Enjoy the photos and I promise to post more before spring leaves us, maybe even before April does. Blog on…

7 Responses to “Welcome faithful Readers”

  1. Liz Krengel Says:
    I’m so glad to see your blog. I have checked from time to time and am happy to see that you have arrived. Liz
  2. Ruth Says:
    Welcome Dame of Details, Make sure David takes good care of you! You’re right, Red Mill does have the best hamburgers. All of us out in the websphere love the latest pics and news!
  3. Sara Says:
    hello dear uncles, so glad i have a way to follow you and your adventures. much love sara
  4. k Says:
    Hey Dame of Details! Welcome! we can’t wait to hear more from you! kisses- k
  5. India Ink Says:
    Beautiful blue! Just saw the Penland ad for your class NEXT Spring. Wish I could be there but the Course is too long. Will look forward to at least seeing your Catalogue.
  6. Kate Winter Says:
    Welcome Dame o’ Deets! Have really missed GGM and the blog and hope you’ll be able to find time among the details to add a post here and there. A little lunch, a few pix … Glad you’ve joined David, Ron and the critters on the carrousel.
  7. Mary Ann Says:
    This is amazingly beautiful work. I hope you show more photos.

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